Hey Up! You've found the back door

Yes, this is the back door to Mr Kite's secret world. You found it via a picture drawn by my friend Mr Dave Lunnun in the late 1970's. Dave wrote a piece of literature which amused my friends and pretty much described me at the time. It goes like this......

It (the picture, Number One in a series of five valuable prints of Past Ents Greats) captures this past Ents supremo in a classic pose. Entitled "You'll Do For Me, Pal", we find Doctor Henderson in a state familiar to all those who knew, loved and avoided him in Leeds. He is, perhaps, staggering home after a jolly evening in The White Stag and the Fan Club. Who knows? Certainly not he!

Of course, I've grown up since then and sit around at home and contemplate
the ups and downs of life though, occasionally, visit the gigs run by John Keenan, the man behind the Fan Club and other fine entertainments.

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