Hey … You didn't really think that I'd mention the downs!

Ups over recent months and years have included.....

Being able to tell my daughters and anyone who would listen that I'm on the same album as Robbie Williams......you'll have to buy me a drink and ask!

As my wife puts it.......being successful at family planning. Just look at
The Extended Family and those lovely daughters of ours

Doctorate which was a mega-trip down memory lane but not as mega as The Who 'Live at Leeds 2'

Getting a credit on the final Ian Dury CD......that'll cost you another pint

Reaching 50 - well, actually the
party that celebrated that milestone

Taking eldest daughter to V Festival where she got her photo taken with James Morrison - made her day but the wrong JM for my liking
Taking youngest daughter to any United game

...must remember to take Mrs Kite somewhere

If you've managed to last so far, you really are a persistent sort and deserve to know about the planned Mr Kite Benefits.

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